» The path of virtue

Brujerías was born in San Rafael, Province of Mendoza, Argentine.

The establishment owned the finest grape farms, being that the crowning of a work that had as a guide and beacon, the reinvestment of all the profits produced from the harvests, becoming a model wine cellar in the area.

Family care and artisan production, insignias of the company, faithfully keep the traditional passion for the vine growth and the wine production.

Every detail counts in the winemaking process, as the chemical and additive free process that could disrupt the nobility of the drink.

It currently has its own varietals such as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda, Carignan and Syrah kept in French oak.

» An untold legend

In the Middle Ages, wine turned from a mere alcoholic beverage to a medicine to fight anemia, dysentery and other nervous diseases.

In fact, few available substances have been so widely recommended for their healing powers as wine.

Between XV and XVII centuries, the witch hunt began. Thousands of them were chased for “witchcraft”, including medical practices, manufacturing of concoctions, fortune-telling and magic.

According to the legend, a brotherhood of wise alchemists, settled in the Mediterranean areas of Europe, was accused of making witchcraft while seeking to produce the most virtuous wines.

Many people believed that these alchemists were pursued by other wine producers who tried to steal their vine secrets. However, they could never find them and discover the secret recipe to obtain the best wine strains that, centuries later, would land in San Rafael, Mendoza.