» The origin of virtue

October 16, 1968 will be remembered by world football lovers as the day when an Argentine team, Estudiantes de La Plata, achieved an epic deed: it defeated the powerful Manchester United at Old Trafford, becoming the Football World Champion.

After the first match in which Estudiantes won 1-0 in Argentina, the return match was played in England: “The Witch” Juan Ramón Verón opened the score by an unexpected penetration in the small area, when he magically hit a clever center from Madero with his head.

In almost the end of the second half, the English team tied 1-1, leaving only one goal behind the overall difference.

When the clock nearly ticked 90 minutes, everything seemed controlled by the Zubeldia team.

However, in the final seconds, Kidd sent the ball deep into the goal scoring 2-1. The English fans cheered the second goal enthusiastically, but the match ended up 1 to 1 and Estudiantes became champion.

No Manchester fan heard the referee’s final whistle that lowered the curtain on The Theater of Dreams and invalidated the second goal just before Kidd received the pass from Morgan to the right side.

Matches could be won or lost. However, there are countless times in which we attribute the results to lucky or unlucky events.

Believe it or not, it is said that football is more than a sport, it is a mystique and each game is a spiritual experience.

» The search for excellence

The search for excellence crossed the destinies of the wine cellar and the world football legend, Juan Sebastián Verón, forging a virtuous alliance that enshrines the mystique of sacrifice and dedication to achieve glory.

Only virtuous people can produce virtuous wine. A virtuous wine implies a great attention to details from the vineyard to the consumer.

It is a cycle that ends in the bottle and begins again with the first sprouts of each year; a task that fascinates those who carry it out and delights those who discover it.